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    We aim to improve your health and skin.

    Body Laser Therapy BV was founded by Ms. Ponte da Costa in November 2014 with the support of her partner to offer laser and cosmetic treatments. Ms. Ponte is engaged in daily business and Dr. Ponte with the consultations.Together with a certified skin therapist who graduated from The Hague University, the company officially started in March 2015 at Orionweg 20 in Zeelandia. Body Laser Therapy BV offers different types of Laser treatments such as Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT), Q Switched laser, Diode laser, Co2 fractional laser and has been expanding ever since.

    Our team consists of a cosmetic physician and skin therapist, both are certified and qualified in laser treatments. In addition to the laser treatments, Body Laser Therapy BV offers other treatments such as lymphatic drainage therapy, microdermabrasion, facial treatments, skin care products, body composition measurements, removal of small swellings, and/or warts, acne, and blackhead treatments

    Once and a while we offer training, guidance, and in-office rotations to skin therapists from the Netherlands and beauticians in our clinic to broaden their experience and knowledge.  

    Laser Techniques

    LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Meaning thus a light beam with lots of energy. This light energy will reach its target within milliseconds (one thousand of a second) or picoseconds (one million of a second).


    Our Aeslight Diode is an 808 nm laser for permanent hair laser treatment. It works with a cooling tip to soften the thermal effects during treatments

    Triple Diode

    The new Aeslight Ice is a triple frequency laser with incorporated Alexandrite 755nm laser, a Diode 808 nm laser and a Nd-Yag 1064 nm Long pulse laser for more effective hair laser effects in a shorter time frame.

    Vascular diode

    The Vascular fiberoptic laser is a 980 mn laserbeam for small veins that may be visible on the face or lower body areas.


    This non-invasive low-level laser works with 6 heads that stimulates fat cells to open up and release its contents (fat). With lymfatic drainage it will be transported into your bloodstream and broken down, resulting in energy production and circumference reduction.

    Fractional CO2

    This is a more aggressive laser generated with CO2 gas for different purposes like scar reduction treatment, vaginal rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation, and more. 

    XLR8 laser

    Also a low-level laser for reduction of inflammatory processes like pain relief, neuropathic pain reduction, and other inflammatory reactions. 

    Nd YAG

    Our Astanza Revolution is a Q-switched laser with two different optical probes, a 532 nm frequency for pigmentations, red/yellow colored tattoo treatments, and a 1064 nm frequency for dark-colored tattoo’s, onychomycosis,

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